Dawn on the Meadow

Emily Carter Mitchell ~ Nature & Wildlife Photography

Sleep was elusive overnight, so giving up the comforts of bed I headed out before dawn to find a meadow. A beautiful late summer meadow at the Howard County Conservancy in Woodstock, Maryland.

A meadow left to nature with blooming golden rod and and queen anns lace. It had rained the day before and the dew was heavy on the grass and mist covered the rolling hills of the meadow.



It seems that I was even too early for the birds except for a couple of nightjars flying overhead. So I wandered down the lane by the 300 year old Mount Pleasant farm that is well kept and preserved.


All was quiet except for the cicadas and crickets. Quietly walking the grass path my footsteps led me towards a white tailed deer doe and her fawn. Mama noticed me after a few minutes and decided to bound away when I…

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